Laboratory says ‘it did not authorise’ use of name on Zam Zam Water being sold in UK stores

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A company says it did not authorise the use of their name on bottles of Zam Zam water being sold to members of the UK public.

Speaking to Asian Image Dr Wyndham Johnstone of LPD Lab Services disputed the use of their name on bottles of Makkah Pure Zam Zam Water. 

Makkah Pure Zam Zam Water meanwhile told they are now aware of the error and admitted the name LPD Lab Services should not have been written on the bottles. And the error was only on 'some bottles'.

Bottles are being sold in local cash and carry’s and Asian stores with shopkeepers being shown a certificate of authenticity and sheets from a report which was carried by LPD Lab Services.

A report on the water content was carried by LPD Services after a request by AG Wholesale Limited who are said to be suppliers of the water to the UK.

Dr Johnstone said, “LPD Lab Services Ltd has not been asked for permission for its name to be used on the label of Makkah Zam Zam water and no permission has been given by LPD Lab Services Ltd for its name to be used.

The disputed label has now been removed says Makkah Pure Zam Zam Water

“LPD Lab Services Ltd has recently been supplied with a copy of the label on the Makkah Zam Zam water. 

He added, “All LPD Lab Services Ltd reports state that they cannot be published without written permission from LPD.

“No permission was given by LPD Lab Services Ltd to share the report with members of the public or other companies.”

Makkah Zam Zam Water said they were a social enterprise with offices in Jeddah and the UAE. 

They said AG Wholesale UK are the sole suppliers of the water in the UK and a laboratory test was conducted ‘before they started supplying to alleviate any concerns people in the UK may have when purchasing’. Something they didn’t think was necessary but did in good faith.

A statement from the company read, “There has clearly been a misunderstanding on whether they were able to use LPD Lab services name on the labelling. 

“Dr Wyndham Johnson has made it very clear now that this is not possible and all parties have agreed to respect this decision.”

Dr Johnson said the values on the side of bottle did not match their analysis either. He added, “The LPD Lab Services Ltd results do not match the results printed on the label.

“Had AG Wholesale UK approached LPD Lab Service Ltd with a copy of the text currently as it appears on label of the Makkah Zam Zam water, LPD Lab Services Ltd would have refused to have its name on the label.”

To which Makkah Zam Zam Water said, “With regards to the values these are current values from a lab report carried out recently. All the original bottles sold did have the values from LPD report and were updated by the graphic design company who produce the labels.”

The Well of Zamzam is a well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia which is said.

According to Islam, it is a miraculously generated source of water which sprang thousands of years ago when Ibrahim’s infant son Ishmael was left with his mother Hagar (Hājar) in the desert.

Many people who go on Hajj or Umrah return with the water but they are only permitted to bring back five litres of water per person. It is possible to export Zam Zam Water to the UK from Saudi Arabia.

You can also have water dispatched directly from Saudi Arabia and delivered to your address here in the U.K.