Hajj 2020/1441 Accreditation Predictor

Every year SAHUC publishes the Hajj Registration List on it's website. The question is: How does one translate position in that queue with the possibility of being accredited for Hajj this year?

The purpose of this predictor is to use that data and calculate the possibility that a person is likely to be accredited for Hajj based on an estimated quota and deferral percentage.

By using this tool, you acknowledge that:

  • this is but a guide/estimate, and the final accreditation process lies with SAHUC
  • this is not the latest or real-time data but a copy of the Hajj Registration List as at: Wednesday, January 8, 2020. Note that the data, like the list on SAHUC's website, only contains those on 100 points and for Hajj 1441 (2020).
  • any queries related to registration and accreditation should be forwarded to SAHUC.

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