Repeat Umrah Visa Calculator

In Muharram 1440, the Saudi Arabian government implemented a new regulations regarding the SR2000 Repeat Umrah Visa Penalty and later reversed it.

The calculator below is only a guide, please check with your passport over here:

In October 2017, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj announced that any person wishing to do Umrah a second time in consecutive hijri years will have to have to pay the second time a sum of 2000 Saudi Riyals

There is a checker available at to tell you whether you have to pay the extra fee, but this only gives a yes/no answer and assumes you will be travelling for Umrah shortly again and thus lacks a forecast feature.

The purpose of the Repeat Umrah Visa Calculator is to assist people who have been on Umrah to forecast and plan when they can next go on Umrah again without having to pay the additional fee.

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