Engineer Loses RM7,600 In Alleged Umrah Scam

Sunday, April 22, 2018

KUANTAN: An engineer was allegedly cheated by a travel agent into parting with RM7,600 for a non-existent umrah package.

Pahang Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Supt Mohd Wazir Yusof said the 43-year-old man had initially dealt with the agent to book an umrah package worth RM3,800 per person last October.

“On Oct 11, the victim's wife had deposited RM7,600 for the umrah package for two people, with the travel date being from Dec 21 to 31 last year, into the company's bank account which was given by the suspect.

“However, when the victim contacted the suspect's assistant to verify on the departure date, a day before, he was informed that the flight date had to be postponed to Dec 31 due to visa issue,” he told reporters here today.

Mohd Wazir said the victim was informed that the company would refund the payment within two months if the engineer were to cancel the package.

When there was no sign of the refund as promised, the victim lodged a police report.

In another case, a teenage girl became a victim of a ‘sting’ when she lost RM5,360 to a conman over the purported purchase of old coins.

Wazir said the 17-year-old received a message on social media from an individual who appeared to be interested in buying the coins as advertised by the victim when he offered a staggering US$35,000!

It is believed the victim was asked to transfer RM5,360 to activate a given bank account in several transactions, beginning last Tuesday.

Wazir said the victim lodged a police report here yesterday after realising she was being deceived when the man asked for more money.