Farmers in Madinah begin harvest of dates 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

JEDDAH: Madinah farmers are harvesting this year’s dates crop , which are being put on display at the central dates market on a daily basis. 

The crops arrive from the governorate of Badr, and other nearby villages.

The Saudi Press Agency published a series of pictures showing the selling of different types of dates at the market, in different quantities, as prices are expected to increase. 

Prices hit the peak during July and August, and begin lessening gradually towards the end of Summer season, which marks the culmination of harvest. 

Dates seller, Suood al-Ahmadi, was quoted by SPA saying the price increase is essential nowadays due to the lack of large quantities available at the market to meet the high demand on the fruit. 

He explained that the prices make up between 30 to 55 Saudi riyals, for a box with a capacity of three kilograms.

Prices will gradually decrease in end of June due to an increase in harvest, he added.  

Meanwhile, Mohammad al-Harbi describe the process of harvesting dates saying a palm requires around five months between the time it is fertilized until it bears fruit.