PITB's Hajj management system registers 374,857 applications for 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018

Throug­h 13 design­ated banks with 9,581 branch­es involv­ing more than 21,000 bank offici­als in online regist­ration­

PITB successfully registered the applicants through 13 designated banks using online registration for ten days through a centralised system.

The system aims to facilitate the federal government to automate end-to-end Hajj operations since the Ministry of Religious Affairs sought the PITB’s help in 2013. The board also launched an online pilgrims registration platform for the automation of operations for Hajj in 2017.

So far, 1.6 million Hajj applications have been processed and over 900,000 pilgrims have been facilitated through this system. The process of balloting is pillared on four steps that ensure transparency, efficient management, usability, and convenience for all stakeholders.

Source: https://tribune.com.pk/story/1742003/1-pitbs-hajj-management-system-registers-374857-applications-2018/