‘A pure bond’ — Madinah governor welcomes Hajj pilgrims

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

MADINAH: Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman welcomed delegations of Hajj pilgrims on Wednesday.

The prince greeted the pilgrims on behalf of King Salman and the people of Madinah.

While receiving the heads of Hajj delegations, he said that “Madinah, the first capital of Islam and the home of ‘emaan’ (faith), as well as its generous, loving people are glad to receive pilgrims who have come to perform Hajj and visit the Prophet’s Mosque.

“The people of Madinah realize the importance of the Muslim Ummah’s unity and are glad to be serving pilgrims. We take pride in the status Allah has given this Ummah, owing it to its ‘aqidah’ (doctrine) and the strong bond of Islamic brotherhood between its people.”

The governor highlighted the sanctity of the Hajj season, describing it as “a great merit that obliges Madinah’s residents and visitors to be righteous, show good conduct, and contribute to purifying hearts and souls of hatred and grudges so as to manifest before the world the pure bond of brotherhood, and spirituality and harmony between Muslim countries.”

The prince offered a prayer, saying: “May Allah have mercy on the Muslim Ummah and bestow security, emaan (faith), prosperity, and stability on Muslim countries, and may peace prevail.”

He explained that the people and officials of Madinah are glad to be receiving pilgrims and are making every effort to serve them.

“We all wish pilgrims a good stay in Madinah and hope they get a chance to learn about the expansion projects of the Prophet’s Mosque and the city’s development projects, try cultural activities and visit historical places,” he said.

The governor beseeched Allah to bless the pilgrims’ time in Madinah, accept their Hajj and good deeds, answer their prayers, and protect them until they return safely to their homes.


Source: http://www.arabnews.com/node/1353171/saudi-arabia