Haj Ministry announces fees for canceling local pilgrims’ reservations

Friday, August 10, 2018

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — The Ministry of Haj and Umrah is set to begin on Sunday receiving applications for cancelation of domestic pilgrims’ reservations in Haj companies and establishments.

The ministry confirmed that the reservation can be canceled before printing the Haj Permit by submitting an application via the ministry’s e-portal. If the application is made after printing of the Haj Permit, then the applicant must submit an application for canceling his Haj Permit electronically via Absher system.

After confirming the cancelation of the Haj Permit, the domestic pilgrim will then go to the ministry’s e-portal so as to complete the cancelation procedures and get a refund for the amount paid after deducting the required fees.

The ministry said that the cancelation of reservations prior to payment of the contract fees will be free. If the cancelation is due to the refusal of the Ministry of Interior to issue a Haj Permit, then SR26.25 will be deducted per pilgrim with the addition of SR7.35 as bank transfer fee.

If the cancelation is after payment of the contract amount but before printing the Haj Permit, then SR68.25 will be deducted per pilgrim plus SR7.35 as bank transfer fee.

Meanwhile, the domestic pilgrims companies and establishments have started preparing some 800 camps in Arafat.

The spokesman of the Coordination Council for Domestic Haj Companies Muhammad Al-Qurashi said the cost of these camps totals nearly SR50 million. He said the preparations in Mina and Arafat holy sites will be completed before Dhul Hijja 1, 1439H.

Fees for cancelation of reservations for domestic pilgrims:

• 1st of Dhul Hijja: SR75.60

• 2nd of Dhul Hijja: 30 percent of the contract value

• 3rd of Dhul Hijja: 40 percent of the contract value

• 4th of Dhul Hijja: 50 percent of the contract value

• 5th of Dhul Hijja: 60 percent of the contract value

• 6th of Dhul Hijja: 70 percent of the contract value

• 7th of Dhul Hijja: The whole contract value


Source: http://saudigazette.com.sa/article/540909/SAUDI-ARABIA/Haj-Ministry-announces-fees-for-canceling-local-pilgrims-reservations