Muslim World League to host Hajj and Umrah Conference in Mina

Sunday, August 19, 2018

MINA: The Muslim World League (MWL) will host its annual Hajj and Umrah Conference in Mina on Wednesday.

This year’s theme is “The concept of mercy and consideration in Islam.” More than 500 scholars and intellectuals from 76 countries around the Muslim world will participate.

Adel Al-Harbi, MWL’s official spokesman, explained that the aim of the conference is to examine the conscience of the Muslim world and find solutions to the problems it faces, within a scientific and intellectual framework.

Al-Harbi said the conference will tackle two important areas: “Mercy and consideration — meanings and features,” and “Mercy and consideration — indications and impacts.”

“We have chosen the theme of the conference to highlight the concepts of mercy and consideration as genuine and unequivocal pillars of Islam, by which the nation is living in its way of thinking and dealing with others, as a true translation of the message of Islam,” explained Al-Harbi.

He added that mercy, kindness and compassion are prominent features of true Islam, governing its rulings, ethics, traditions and the habits of those who adhere to it.

Al-Harbi expressed the sincere thanks and appreciation of the MWL to King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their provision of outstanding services to pilgrims, which has enabled the faithful to perform their Hajj rituals in safety and peace.