First phase of electronic track for local pilgrims launched

Monday, May 20, 2019

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has today (Monday) launched the first phase of the electronic track for domestic pilgrims to browse the programs and services being provided by 190 Haj service companies to about 227,000 pilgrims.

The ministry said pilgrims can view services and programs via electronic link:

Deputy Minister Abdul Fattah Bin Solaiman Mashshat told Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that this phase is designated to explain the services and programs of the companies including charges.

He said the second phase will be for reservation and issuance of Haj permits starting Dhul Qa'da 1 (July 4).

Mashshat said this step comes within the ministry's efforts to provide consummate services and facilities to the pilgrims, achieve transparency between the two sides of the contract and closely monitoring all the programs and services extended to domestic pilgrims by the companies.

"This track will be the one and only means for reservation of the domestic pilgrims," he said.

He warned that any registration outside this track will be done by fake and unlicensed companies.

Faiz Al-Barakati, director of the ministry's department dealing with domestic pilgrims, said the track provides a number of services including the reservation to perform the Haj, issuance of Haj permits, determining the locations of tents in the holy sites, buying Hadi and Adhahi coupons, registering of pilgrims' children in nurseries and kindergartens and others.