Ferry service should be started for Hajj: maritime minister

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Ali Zaidi, the minister for maritime affairs, said on Monday that he wants to start a ferry service for Hajj but can’t do it without the permission of the defence ministry.

“A ferry service should be started,” the minister told reporters in Karachi.  “I want to re-start it for Hajj as well.”

Ziadi said that he was told that he needs a no-objection certificate from the minister of defence. “Air ticket is expensive… many people can’t go for Hajj so a ferry service should start,” he said.

The minister said that the ferry service would operate like the Pakistan International Airlines, adding that there will be a port security force similar to the airport security force.

“I don’t understand that I am going to start a commercial business. Why do I need permission from the ministry of defence,” he asked.


Source: https://www.samaa.tv/news/2019/12/ferry-service-should-be-started-for-hajj-maritime-minister/