Madinah Governor Calls For Fulfilling Citizens' Needs During Curfew

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Saudi Governor of Madinah region Prince Faisal bin Salman has underlined the need to provide citizens and residents with all required services, ensuring that all their needs are fulfilled including food and medicine, to ensure they are not impacted by the curfew imposed to fight COVID-19.

This came during his visit to the Crisis and Emergency Management Center (CEMAC) on Monday by the time all government bodies kicked off efforts to meet citizens’ needs and respond to inquiries regarding the precautionary measures in Madinah.

The governor was remotely briefed by other governors on the latest health and security updates in the provinces. He urged prompt reporting of critical cases that need quick exceptional procedures.

He also lauded citizens and residents for abiding by the precautionary measures.

CEMAC is one of the platforms operating integrally 24/7 in participation with relevant government bodies to respond to inquiries of citizens and residents in the Madinah region to stem the spread of novel coronavirus.