All Hajj quotas allocated to Maldives Hajj Corporation

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Islamic Ministry has allocated the 453 Hajj pilgrimage quotas issued to the Maldives this year to Maldives Hajj Corporation (MHC).

The Islamic Ministry said the Saudi Arabian government had officially informed that 453 Hajj quotas had been issued to the Maldives for this year. The ministry said there is not enough time to open the slots for private hajj groups, as it would require the groups to submit proposals that would need to be evaluated. Therefore, after taking the current circumstance into account, the ministry will issue all available quotas to Hajj Corporation.

Out of the 453 quotas granted to the Maldives, 100 quotas will be opened to the general public. Those already waitlisted in MHC's Hajj Queue will also have the opportunity to obtain the slots.

"The Maldives Hajj Corporation Limited will announce the procedure for applying for the 100 Hajj quotas open to the public. The Government of Maldives is working with the relevant authorities of Saudi Arabia to obtain additional quotas," the Islamic Ministry said in a statement.

This is the lowest number of quotas granted to the Maldives in recent history.

Entry into Saudi Arabia was restricted due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus. However, most restrictions have now been lifted. During Ramadan this year, pilgrims performed their worship with several eases.

Saudi Arabia's Hajj authorities say one million people will be allowed to perform the Hajj this year.