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10 May 2020

Zamzam to be distributed Kingdomwide

The company announced earlier standardization of Zamzam water bottles to a capacity of five liters instead of 10 liters. The new package is part of the Project’s transformation plan in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to meet the increasing demand for Zamzam water bottles.

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9 May 2020

Interior Ministry eases measures in some Madinah districts

An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that it was decided to ease the precautionary measures previously announced on March 27 in the districts of Al-Shuraibat, Bani Dhafar, Qurban, Al-Jumuah, part of Al-Iskan and Bani Khadrah in Madinah as of Saturday May 9 following the health authorities' recommendations.

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8 May 2020

Indonesian govt awaits Saudi Arabia's decision on haj

The Religious Affairs Ministry is still waiting for Saudi Arabia to announce its final decision on this year’s haj that will see millions of Muslims performing rituals in the holy city of Mecca, as the kingdom mulls a plan to put the annual tradition on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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