November 2023 Umrah Packages

Compare 3 packages for November 2023 Umrah from operators in South Africa like Miller's Travel & Tours, Yusra Tours. The cheapest Umrah package starts at R26990, and the most expensive is R37786.

The most used hotels in Makkah for these packages will be: Anjum Hotel Makkah (1 packages), Emaar Elite (1 packages), voco Makkah (1 packages).

For Madina, the most used hotels for these packages will be: Manazel Al Zahraa Hotel (1 packages), Mysk Touch Al Balad (1 packages), Province Al Sham Hotel (1 packages)

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Anjum Hotel Makkah
Distance: 703m
(1 Package)

Emaar Elite
Distance: 1498m
(1 Package)

voco Makkah
Distance: 1816m
(1 Package)

Browse by Madina Hotel : Sort By Distance | Star Rating | Alphabetical

Manazel Al Zahraa Hotel
Distance: 766m
(1 Package)

Mysk Touch Al Balad
Distance: 310m
(1 Package)

Province Al Sham Hotel
Distance: 630m
(1 Package)


Note: Distance to Haram -In Makkah, distance to Haram is calculated as distance from hotel point to the Kaaba, and in Madina to the Green Dome.