Ramadaan 2019 Umrah Packages by Al Anwar Express

There is 1 package from Al Anwar Express for Ramadaan 2019 Umrah starting at R28500 for a double room, R27500 for a triple room. Hotels used in Makkah are: Al Wahj Tower. Hotels used in Madina are: Al Madina Kareem.

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2 Week Package. Includes Airfare. Includes Transfers with Group. 8 Nights in Makkah, 6 Nights Madina, 13 Nights Makkah. Departs on Monday, May 6, 2019. Double Room: R 28500 pps Triple Room: R 27500 pps Quad Room: R 26500 pps

Al Wahj Tower

Makkah: Al Wahj Tower
Distance from Haram: 1827m


Al Madina Kareem

Al Madina Kareem

Madina: Al Madina Kareem (3 Star Hotel)
Distance from Haram: 670m


Al Madina Kareem


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Note: Distance to Haram -In Makkah, distance to Haram is calculated as distance from hotel point to the Kaaba, and in Madina to the Green Dome.