Deputy governor of Makkah region oversees Zamzam well project progress

Monday, November 13, 2017


JEDDAH: Prince Abdullah bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz, deputy governor of Makkah region, raised the level of coordination between the bodies operating at the Grand Mosque to ensure the movement of crowds to and from the mosque in coordination with the work being carried out on the Zamzam well rehabilitation project, which is scheduled to be completed before the coming month of Ramadan.

During his field inspection, the prince also highlighted the work being carried out to rehabilitate the Zamzam well by organizing a campaign to raise awareness among visitors of the Grand Mosque.

Prince Abdullah listened to those in charge of the project who explained the ongoing work to complete the construction of the five service bridges to Zamzam from the eastern side.

The rehabilitation of the well will provide Zamzam water in sufficient quantities to meet the increasing levels of pilgrims. The project will upgrade the storage, pumping and optimum water distribution systems to ensure purity and safety, and also to sterilize the surrounding areas of the well in the old basement of the Grand Mosque.