SAHUC to Release First Hajj 2018 Accreditation List in January

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) says it will be releasing the first hajj accreditation list for 2018 on the 15 of January. 

In a statement, Sahuc says its registration list has undergone an external audit to streamline the process. 

It says the early release of the accreditation process helps prospective hujjaj plan for the hajj journey.  

“It also allows applicants to decline accreditation and transfer their applications giving others in the queue an opportunity to be accredited.”

Sahuc also says prospective hujjaj must accept the accreditation as soon as possible or face penalties. 

“Accreditation needs to be accepted or transferred by the 5 of February 2018 at 6pm. If not, it will result in a cancellation by Sahuc with a penalty of 30 points.”

Sahuc says a history of high cancellations results in an unfair opportunity for late accredited hujjaj and put a strain on the process to meet deadlines of providing information to officials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.