Saudi ministerial bodies discuss investment opportunities for Hajj and Umrah

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

MAKKAH: Ministerial bodies discussed investment in the Hajj and Umrah sector at a Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting recently.

It was among the initiatives of a plan for the private sector to diversify investment in the Umrah sector.

Hajj Minister Mohammed Salih Bentin said that the Saudi leadership is very ambitious in achieving Vision 2030, notably the Hajj and Umrah dossier in which 32 ministerial bodies are participating. He pointed to the need for more facilitation of services, from getting a visa to gateways and internal procedures in Makkah. 

Bentin stated the importance of focusing on Umrah outside the acknowledged seasons, targeting pilgrims who go on vacations around the world to market Umrah and the poor choices of tourism expenditure.