KMCC prepares to field 3,000 volunteers to serve Haj pilgrims

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — The Haj Cell of the Kerala Muslim Cultural Center (KMCC), the largest expatriate organization in the Gulf, will field a total of 3,000 volunteers from all over the Kingdom to serve the Guests of God for the Haj of 2018.

A delegation of the Haj cell met on Monday Consul General of India Mohammed Noor Rahman Sheikh to discuss the arrangements with regard to deployment of the volunteers in the holy cities and at the holy sites during the forthcoming Haj season. The volunteers will swing into action in complete coordination and cooperation with the Indian Haj Mission.

Sheikh commended the selfless and dedicated services extended by the volunteers in the service of the pilgrims. He ensured full support of the Haj Mission to facilitate the voluntary services for the Hajis. The delegation presented a memorandum to the consul general pertaining to various requirements and demands so as to enable the volunteers render the best-ever possible services to the pilgrims.

The delegation, headed by K. P. Mohammed Kutty, president of the Saudi national chapter of KMCC, was comprised of Jeddah Central Committee President Ahmed Palayat, General Secretary Abubaker Arimbra, Haj Cell General Convener Jamal Vattappoyil, and Convener C.K. Shakir.

A meeting of the Haj cell discussed various aspects of the Haj voluntary service. It was decided to give intensive training to the volunteers for carrying out various duties and missions for a period of three months from the first day of pilgrims’ arrival until the departure of the last pilgrim, according to a Haj cell official.

“There will be batches of volunteers deployed at the Haj terminal of King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah and Prince Muhammad International Airport Madinah as well as at the courtyards of the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque, and lodgings of pilgrims in the holy cities during the entire Haj season. The volunteers will be more concentrated in serving the pilgrims at the holy sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah, especially Jamarat, Mashair Train stations, and Aziziyah during the Haj days,” he said, adding that these volunteers, under the leadership of over 100 captains and coordinators, will perform their assigned duties at their designated stations around the clock. There were 2,500 KMCC Haj volunteers for the Haj of 2017.

The registration of volunteers will be held in various regions of the Kingdom during the period from July 1 to 25. K.P Mohammed Kutty presided over the meeting, which was inaugurated by Ashraf Vengat, general secretary of Saudi chapter of KMCC. Leaders of KMCC from various regions spoke on the occasion.

They included Qadar Chenkala, president of Eastern Province chapter, Ahmad Palayat, Abubaker Arimbra, Shareef Kasaragod, secretary of Madinah chapter, Basheer Munniyur, president of Khamees Mushayt KMCC, Muhammad Sali, president of Taif chapter, Musthafa Munjamkulam, secretary of Makkah KMCC and Umar Aripambra, captain of volunteer team. Earlier, Jamal Vattappoyil welcomed the gathering and Shakir proposed the vote of thanks.