Al Nahdi ‘Medical Caravan’ during Haj ends on high note

Saturday, September 8, 2018

AL Nahdi Mobile Medical Caravan, organized by Nahdi Medical Company in collaboration with Makkah Region Health Affairs Directorate, has wrapped up its 15-day non-stop activities on a successful note. Over 8,275 pilgrims from Libya, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Egypt and other countries benefited from a range of services, including medical examinations, organized as part of the activities.

The medical team forming the convoy served pilgrims accommodated in eight Makkah districts as well as those performing the Haj rituals in the Holy Sites. The team performed diabetes tests, measured blood pressure levels and body temperature of pilgrims in the Holy Sites, apart from providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation services. The pilgrims thanked the medical team for their professional and high-quality healthcare services.

Eng. Yasser Joharji, CEO of Nahdi Medical Company, expressed gratitude to the Makkah Region Health Affairs Directorate officials for their continued efforts to make the convoy a success. He stressed that Al Nahdi Medical Company spares no efforts to carry out its national and humanitarian duties towards the pilgrims and offer them the best medical services using state-of-the-art medical equipment under the supervision of the Health Affairs Directorate.

“The medical team worked day and night to support the pilgrims and prevent infectious diseases during the Hajj. They also offered advice on essential health precautions and provided the pilgrims with premium primary health-care services,” he said.

Nahdi Medical convoys have been serving pilgrims for the past years during Haj under the supervision of the Makkah Region Health Affairs Directorate. The partnership reflects the joint efforts of the public and private sectors to enhance sustainable development and the National Transformation plans in line with Vision 2030. — SG