Saudi foundation publishes history of Al-Zareeb Castle in Tabuk

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

JEDDAH: The King Abdul Aziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah) has published a history of Al-Zareeb Castle in Al-Wajh governorate in Tabuk, to coincide with King Salman’s visit to the province.

The castle, which was built in 1617 to help protect pilgrims during their journeys to and from Makkah, is rectangular and made from stone. It includes towers and chambers surrounding a courtyard, in addition to a prayer area (Musalla) and residences with water wells. It also has two pools for storing water.

The document describes the castle — which is on a plateau in Al-Zareeb Valley, 10 kilometers east of Al-Wajh, and surrounded by a mountain range — as one of the most important archaeological structures in Tabuk.

It also highlights the important role played by castles in days gone by, as they were a great help and comfort for pilgrims traveling on camels, horses and donkeys to the holy places, providing them with water and a place to rest.