Maldives authorises 25 companies for Umrah pilgrimage

Friday, February 22, 2019

Ministry of Islamic Affairs on Monday granted permission to 25 companies to send pilgrims on the Islamic pilgrimage of Umrah to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The ministry stated that permission was granted to the companies in accordance with the new policies.

The ministry decided to implement policies to protect pilgrims and the companies sending them due to evident issues arising in the pilgrimage process.

A case of forged tickets being sold to Askoi Hajj and Umrah Group were exposed in November 2018, and resulted in the arrest of an employee and the owner of D.B Travels.

Previously, a case arose in 2012 where 175 people could not make the pilgrimage through a Hajj group, resulting in MVR 12 million in damages. Moreover, 125 people faced the same problem when attempting to make the pilgrimage through the Al-Fathuhu Hajj Group in 2014.

According to the new policy, the pilgrim and the facilitating group would need to sign an agreement contract.

It is mandatory for the agreement contract to contain the sum total price of the pilgrimage and the services that would be rendered.

Furthermore, the contract must state that the group must contain a person from the facilitating company that would take responsibility over the pilgrims in the group.