Makkah entrance parking areas ready for Ramadan

Saturday, April 27, 2019

By Abdullah Al-Dahass

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — The Holy Capital Mayoralty, in cooperation with the Makkah Traffic Department and the Saudi Public Transport Co. (SAPTCO), started elaborate arrangements for the parking of vehicles coming from various regions of the Kingdom to Makkah during the holy of month of Ramadan.

These parking areas have the capacity to accommodate more than 45,000 vehicles.

This is part of arrangements to receive hundreds of thousands of Umrah pilgrims and worshippers who flock to the Grand Mosque during Ramadan, which marks the peak annual Umrah season.

The authorities have made parking arrangements at various locations at the entrance of Makkah. These include Al-Sharaie parking on Makkah–Al-Sail Expressway; Shumaisy parking on Makkah–Jeddah Expressway; Al-Nawariyah parking on Makkah–Madinah Expressway; Al-Kirr parking on Makkah–Al-Hada Road, and Makkah–Allaith Road parking.

There will be separate tracks for SAPTCO buses and limousines at these parking areas.

The service will be available round the clock to transport pilgrims and visitors.