Free seats for disabled pilgrims

Monday, July 8, 2019

By Abdullah Al-Dahhas

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH — The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has decided on the number of free seats to be allotted within its program of social responsibility. The program is being introduced for the first time this year.

The ministry said the minimal number of free seats within the social responsibility program for the companies with 500 pilgrims or less will be two.

Companies with 501 to 1,500 pilgrims will offer four free seats while those with 1,501 to 2,501 pilgrims will be giving out six and eight seats for the companies with 3,500 pilgrims or more.

The ministry said these seats will be from the hospitality packages. It added that if the companies wish to offer more seats, they should do this through the economic Haj packages on condition that these seats should not exceed six.

It said the free seats within the social responsibility program will be from the ratio of six percent specified for the companies and not from the ratio of the seats being offered to the citizens and expatriates in the e-portal.

The ministry said every company which offers free seats via as part of its social responsibility program will be given extra points in its performance evaluation.

According to the ministry, free seats will be divided equally between men and women pilgrims.

It said the company which offers free seats for five consecutive years will be given a letter of appreciation from the minister.