Bareksa launches savings service with sharia mutual funds for 'umrah'

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bareksa, an integrated investment marketplace, has introduced a new platform named Bareksa Umroh.

Safe, halal, trustworthy and integrated, Bareksa Umroh offers sharia mutual funds for customers to finance their umrah (minor haj).

Rani Sumarni, Bareksa sales and marketing chief, said in a statement that the company wanted to spread awareness that mutual funds could help customers achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals, including one as specific as umrah.

“A mutual fund is an easy, flexible and affordable investment instrument. Furthermore, a sharia mutual fund offers higher earnings than deposits […] without usury,” Rani said.

Bareksa has partnered with experienced and reputable umrah and haj travel agent Al-Qadri Umrah and Haji to add value to the savings plan service.

This new platform was well received by the Religious Affairs Ministry’s director of umrah and haj council, Arfi Hatim, who said it could help umrah and haj pilgrims avoid fraud.

“The government’s concern is that the umrah and haj pilgrim are well-protected during the whole trip and the pilgrimage […],” said Arfi.

The Religious Affairs ministry expects the number of umrah pilgrims to grow in relation to Indonesia’s limited haj quota.

However, the large demand is not balanced with the growth of professional and licensed umrah tour operators, which may lead to fraud.

As a mutual fund is an official investment product supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Bareksa Umroh could be considered a reliable alternative for umrah savings. (nic/mut)