Shaza Makkah marks International Children’s Day

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Luxury hotel Shaza Makkah marked International Children’s Day last month by organizing a “Future Careers” activity for children from the Bashaer Al-Ebdaa Kindergarten School.

“For this year’s International Children’s Day we wanted to do something constructive, so we decided on an innovative activity that would create awareness among children of the future career opportunities in the Kingdom’s hotel industry,” said Shaza Makkah General Manager Sherief Abouelmaged. 

“Expanding and localizing the hospitality sector is a key part of diversifying the national economy, which is one of the goals of Vision 2030, so getting children interested while they are in kindergarten is not too early an age for them to think about what they would love to do when they grow up.”

The activity started with a brief introduction about future careers, highlighting the importance of the hotel industry and the key role of the chef, who then conducted a cooking class for the children.

To commemorate the occasion, Bashaer Al-Ebdaa Kindergarten School presented Shaza Makkah with a certificate of appreciation.

The “Future Careers” activity is an extension of Shaza Makkah’s wider program to motivate school students to acquire skills and experience in the tourism sector in order to contribute to achieving the objectives of the National Transformation Program emanating from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.