SAHUC Releases Mandatory Charges for Hajj 1441/2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Following various protocol meetings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the South African Hajj & Umrah Council (SAHUC) has announced the mandatory charges for Hajj 1441/2020.

South Africa has been granted a quota of three thousand five hundred to perform Hajj this year.

In an infographic, Sahuc has indicated that Tanazul which is a transportation tax has been set at SAR 1,657.95 (R 6,193.80) for landing in Jeddah and SAR 1,520.40 (R 5,679.94) for landing in the blessed city of Medina.

While the Camp A pricing for the five days of Hajj including specialized services has not been finalized, Camp B will cost the Hajji SAR 1,995 (R 7,452.96).

Adahi or Damm-e-Shukr has been set at SAR 495 (R 1,849.23) but has yet to be finalized.

Meals for the five to six days of Hajj will cost the Hajji SAR 395 (R 1,475.65).

Sahuc has also announced that the optional charges for Hajj1441/2020 which includes travel insurance and trolleys at the airport has been set at SAR 100 (R 373.58) and SAR 10.5 to SAR 15 (R39,23 to R 56,04).

The Hajj body has also indicated that biometrics for Hajj will done upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.