60% of hotels and shops in Makkah are preparing to start operating

Saturday, October 10, 2020

60% of hotels and shops in Makkah continue to prepare for the start of operations, in conjunction with the gradual return of Umrah and visitation.

A report broadcast by “Al-Akhbariya” channel expected that the gradual return would contribute to the recovery of movement in hotels and commercial activities in the central region of Makkah.

A specialist linked the revival of the trade movement in the vicinity of the Grand Mosque to allowing pilgrims to come from outside the Kingdom during the coming period, indicating that work in hotels has started, but its movement is slow.


Source: https://www.saudi24news.com/2020/10/news-24-60-of-hotels-and-shops-in-makkah-are-preparing-to-start-operating-video.html