Saudi Arabia announces guidelines for Maldivian Umrah pilgrims,...

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established a set of guidelines to be followed when Maldivian pilgrims visit to perform Umrah pilgrimage, during the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.

This comes at a time Maldives Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid has engaged in discussions with his counterpart in the kingdom, as well as the Saudi government to pave eases for Maldivians who wish to perform their Umrah duties, at a time there have been several restrictions to air travel, as well as the closure of borders across the world.

According to the set guidelines, only those aged between 18 – 50 years will be permitted to travel to Saudi to perform Umrah pilgrimage, in line with the kingdom’s Ministry of Health’s safety precautions.

Further, Maldivian pilgrims will be required to make reservations beforehand, through their travel agents or Umrah groups, if they wish to visit either of the two Muqaddas Harams.

Maldivians are also to provide negative PCR test results effective 72 hours prior to departure from the island nation, acquired from a certified laboratory in the country.

The guidelines further mandate Maldivian pilgrims to make airline reservations in accordance to their trip schedule as well as going into quarantine for three days at their booked accommodation facilities upon arrival.

In accordance, all Maldivian pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia must ensure they strictly adhere to Covid-19 safety precautions, measures and guidelines placed from arrival until they depart the Saudi Kingdom.