Umrah/prayer permit needed to enter Makkah

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Only those pilgrims and worshipers who have a valid permit for performing Umrah or prayer at the Grand Mosque, issued through Eatmarna application, will be allowed to enter Makkah.

The Public Security has warned pilgrims and worshipers to adhere to the deadline specified in the permit and comply with the precautionary measures and preventive protocols in order to be allowed the entry to the holy city.

The security checkpoints of the Special Forces for Road Security at the entry points will allow permit holders who adhere to the specified period of time for performance of the rituals.

The Special Road Security Forces have been deployed at the main entry points of Makkah to provide guidance, humanitarian services and control the flow of vehicles to the holy city in accordance with the existing coordination with the operations centers.

The security forces also work to intensify patrols to ensure smooth traffic flow and prevent any reckless disruptive acts targeting travelers along the roads to Makkah.