CCHI clarifies way to ensure validity of Umrah insurance

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

RIYADH — The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) established on Tuesday a service to inquire about Umrah insurance for pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom

Through the service, the CCHI has clarified the way that enables pilgrims coming to the Kingdom to ensure the validity of their Umrah insurance.

The CCHI said pilgrims can ensure the validity of their Umrah insurance via the CCHI’s website, then choose e-services.

Click on the “Inquires about insurance status” button, followed by selecting an “Inquire about Umrah insurance” or the "Haj Insurance Inquire".

To complete the process, the platform will ask pilgrims to enter the passport number and the code.

It is noteworthy that the Interior Ministry has confirmed that people coming to the Kingdom on all kinds of visit visas must obtain health insurance for emergency treatment including COVID-19 coverage in the event a person gets infected with the coronavirus.

The rule applies to all visitors including those coming on Umrah and tourism visas as well as multiple-entry visas.

The coverage should be for the entire period of the visitor’s stay within Saudi Arabia. The insurance policy must be renewed when the visa is extended.

The Tawakkalna application clarified earlier that those who come to the Kingdom on visit visas after obtaining medical insurance against coronavirus shall contact the Health Insurance Council in the event of not displaying their “insured visitor” health status on the app.

Tawakkalna stated that the health status of the beneficiaries on the app will be “insured visitor” if they come to the Kingdom on a visit visa, provided that they have active and valid medical insurance.

The beneficiary will be an “uninsured visitor” if he comes to the Kingdom without having active and valid medical insurance.