Fewer people to perform Hajj due to increase in costs - Pakistan

Friday, May 13, 2022

Due to the significant increase in costs, fewer applications for Hajj, an annual religious obligation, have been received this year, while the Ministry of Religious Affairs has stated that there will be no extension of the deadline, which is set to expire today.

Only 43, 554 applications have been received through banks this year in the last four days, compared to a total quota of 81, 132 pilgrims allocated for this year, 2022.

Government-funded Hajj is expected to cost between Rs0.750 million and Rs1 million or more, while private Hajj is expected to cost more than Rs1.2 million.

This year, 40% of pilgrims will perform Hajj at government expense, while 60% will do so on their own. The religious affairs ministry has directed applicants to use its website to have their documents verified.

It has also instructed them to include the certificate of receiving the full dose of the coronavirus vaccine with their applications.

Furthermore, the ministry has requested that they include their passports, health fitness certificates, three photographs, and Rs50,000 as a token with their applications


Source: https://dailytimes.com.pk/934183/fewer-people-to-perform-hajj-due-to-increase-in-costs/