Bangladesh Hajj registration to begin May 16

Friday, May 13, 2022

The registration process for this year’s Hajj will start from May 16, the ministry of religious affairs had said.

Pilgrims, who want to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia, after a Covid-induced hiatus of two years, will have to complete the registration process by May 18, which is also the payment deadline.

Pilgrims need to possess a passport with at least seven months validity (till January 4, 2023) for completing the registration process, the ministry said.

If a pilgrim is unable to go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj post-registration, he will be refunded the plane fare and the cost allocated for food. However, if any Haji cancels his trip after confirmation of the plane ticket, he will not get back the airfare.

Each pilgrim will have to carry an additional 810 Saudi Riyal with them for sacrificial purposes, according to the ministry.