Saudi health authorities save German pilgrim after heart attack

Saturday, July 9, 2022

JEDDAH: Medical staff in Makkah were able to save the life of a German pilgrim who suffered a heart attack, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.

Staff at King Abdullah Medical City’s Cardiac Center were able to implant a capsule endoscopy to regulate the heartbeat.

The Ministry of Health said KAMC had begun providing the capsule in recent years to treat heart conditions requiring its installation.

It said the center’s cardiac catheterization and pacemaker team inserted the small wireless capsule intravenously using a cardiac catheter.

The capsule endoscopy works to regulate the heartbeat and avoid a slowing of the heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

Medical teams at KAMC also managed to save the life of a 54-year-old Syrian pilgrim who suffered a heart attack on Friday. He recovered and resumed his Hajj rituals after undergoing coronary angioplasty and stent insertion.

On Thursday, the Health Ministry confirmed that KAMC medical teams had saved the life of a Nigerian pilgrim in his thirties who was suffering from severe heart palpitations and a sharp drop in blood pressure that led to cardiac arrest in a rare and serious case.

He was resuscitated by emergency teams after his heart stopped beating, and an operation was performed to urgently treat his condition.

He was also able to go on and complete his Hajj.