Ministry to launch soon 'Individual Pilgrims' service to apply for Hajj from outside KSA

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

RIYADH — The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has confirmed that it will soon launch the "Individual Pilgrims" service to apply for the Hajj from outside Saudi Arabia.

It will also allow pilgrims to issue permits of performing Umrah and praying in the Rawdah Sharif via Nusuk app.

The ministry confirmed that it will work in providing the service of registering the vital features of biometrics for pilgrims online, to obtain an immediate Visa from 5 countries, which are: Tunisia, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Kuwait, via the (Saudi Visa Bio) app of the Interior Ministry.

Moreover, it has confirmed its intention in launching a comprehensive insurance service for Hajj pilgrims and Umrah performers, which would cover emergency health cases, COVID-19 infections, general accidents and deaths and also the flight cancellations or delays.

The ministry confirmed its endeavor during the coming years that all the procedures be electronically available, starting from the idea of arrival to Saudi to departure, passing through all the stations of hotels reservations, transportations, services, and crowd management.

Regarding its achievements during 2022, the ministry said that it has provided its services to 7 million pilgrims, of whom, 4 million came on an Umrah visa.