Presidency intensifies efforts for safety and services during rains

Sunday, January 15, 2023

MAKKAH — The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, represented by the General Presidency's Agency for Services and Environmental Protection, has strengthened its efforts during rains over the Grand Mosque.

The agency has recruited more than 200 supervisors, who participated in supervising more than 4,000 male and female workers.

Undersecretary of the General Presidency for Services and Environmental Protection Eng. Ahmed Bin Omar Bal'amish stated that Tawaf area, prayer places, entrances and exits were prepared as soon as the rain stopped in just a quarter of an hour.

The Presidency also intensified its efforts to remove the effects of the rain that fell Saturday over the Grand Mosque in order to preserve the safety of the worshipers, Umrah performers and visitors to the Grand Mosque so as to perform their rituals easily and smoothly.

He pointed out that approximately 500 machines and equipment have been used to remove the impacts of rains from the Tawaf area, the outer squares and the roof of the Grand Mosque.

He also stressed that the Agency is intensifying its preparations for such urgent cases by operating emergency plans and intensifying its work. It has also developed a precautionary plan in preparation for heavy rains.

The plan is based on distributing labor and the supervisory apparatus to the sites in sufficient numbers to cover the need to provide the finest services to those visiting the Two Holy Mosques.

Bal'amish reported that rain jackets were provided, and sufficient numbers of plastic walkers were spread at the main and secondary entrances as well as at the entrances to the escalators, in addition to cleaning the drainage manholes and inspection chambers to ensure that they are not blocked. — SPA