Umrah pilgrims can get maximum health insurance coverage of SR100,000

Monday, January 23, 2023

 Umrah pilgrims can now take advantage of a variety of benefits during their stay in Saudi Arabia, including a maximum health insurance coverage of SR100,000, local media reported.

According to Okaz newspaper, the Umrah pilgrims’ health insurance policy, recently approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, outlines 11 health insurance benefits available to pilgrims throughout their stay in the Kingdom.

Pilgrims can benefit from the maximum coverage of SR100,000 in the event of their hospitalisation or medical evacuation within and outside the Kingdom. Some of the benefits include maximum coverage for daily accommodation and subsistence of the patient, including the cost of the bed, nursing care, medical visits, and medical supervision. The policy also covers the cost of medicines and medical supplies prescribed by a doctor, with a shared room costing a maximum of SR600.

Additionally, the policy includes maximum coverage (SR5,000) for emergency dental treatment cases, travel expenses for a first-degree relative of the patient, treatment of premature newborns, injuries resulting from traffic accidents, expenses for dialysis in emergency cases, and medical evacuation both within and outside of the Kingdom.

The health insurance benefits also include expenses for pregnancy and emergency childbirth with a maximum amount of SR5,000 during the policy period. The policy also covers the cost of repatriating the bodies of pilgrims to their original home, with a maximum coverage of SR10,000.