Souq from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) time located in Makkah

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Doha: A scientific team from Saudi Arabia has located a souq (marketplace) believed to have been mentioned in the Al-Sīra al-Nabawiyya of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Arab News reported.

Historians believe that the marketplace was mentioned in the Al-Sīra al-Nabawiyya (prophetic biography) of the Prophet (PBUH), who had taken part in the souq to trade before receiving the Message.

Souq Habasha, an ancient marketplace in Makkah, served as “one of the most important Arab markets during the pre-Islamic and early Islamic eras.”

The souq was an ancient seasonal affair and was one of the largest ones in the western region of the Arabian peninsula.

Attempts to trace the souq’s location have been going for over 40 years, with “field sites proposed by the committee finally being inspected last year.”

Souq Habasha was located south of of Wadi Qanuna, in a coastal city in Makkah.