Domestic pilgrims urged to be cautious of fake Hajj campaigns

Monday, June 12, 2023

JEDDAH — The head of the Coordinating Council for Domestic Pilgrims Saeed Al-Juhani has said that illegal Hajj pilgrimage affects the pilgrimage experience negatively.

Al-Juhani pointed out that during the Hajj season 1444 H as many as 177 companies were authorized to serve domestic pilgrims, covering all the cities of the Kingdom.

Citizens and residents who meet the conditions of Hajj can register through the official website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah or the Nusuk application, he said.

“Registration began six months ago and was announced at the time.”

Al-Juhani added that the fake campaigns delude people wishing to perform Hajj that they are legal ones with the aim of profiteering and they are often active months before Hajj.

Illegal campaigns serving Hajj and Umrah bring Hajj pilgrims to the holy sites without permits in violation of the laws and regulations, he concluded. — SPA