New ‘photography’ guidelines issued for pilgrims visiting Two Holy Mosques

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued a new set of guidelines for the pilgrims regarding photography and videography at the Two Holy Mosques, Grand Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina, during the pilgrimage.

These guidelines regarding photography are part of the efforts to enhance the overall experience of the Hajj pilgrimage and maintain a humble environment for all participants.

The Ministry of Hajj has emphasized the importance of focusing on good deeds and devoting complete attention to the sacred rituals of Hajj.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the ministry requested pilgrims to adhere to certain etiquettes while taking photographs, in order to avoid causing inconvenience or harm to fellow pilgrims.

One of the key guidelines is to avoid standing for long periods of time in crowded areas, as this can obstruct the flow of pilgrims and disrupt the overall movement within the holy sites.

Pilgrims have been advised to stay away from designated routes and not to impede the smooth traffic of people.

Additionally, the guidelines highlight the need to respect the privacy of others.

Pilgrims are urged to exercise discretion when taking photographs and to refrain from capturing images that may infringe upon the personal space of fellow worshipers.

As the Hajj season progresses, the number of pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia continues to rise.

According to Saudi authorities, more than 700,000 pilgrims have already arrived in Madinah, with thousands more expected in the coming days.

Yesterday alone, 29,090 pilgrims arrived at the Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah, bringing the total number of arrivals to 25,962. Around 556,953 worshipers have already departed for Makkah after completing their stay in Madinah Munawwarah.