Youngest girl volunteer in Hajj feels proud as a soldier when helping pilgrims

Sunday, June 25, 2023

MAKKAH — The youngest girl volunteer in Hajj 2023 Maryam Mih’dar said that she feels proud when serving and helping the pilgrims, similar to that of a soldiers, doctors, security personnel and engineers when they do so.

In video published by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in its official Twitter account, Mih’dar said that she feels very excited when Hajj season approaches, in order to serve the pilgrims.

And, on the contrary, she begins to feel very sad when it ends, because there will be a whole year left until the pilgrims return.

Talking about her stories and adventures in volunteering in Hajj, Mih’dar said that she noticed an old man and a woman who were alone because the other volunteers were busy with other pilgrims, and there was no one left.

She said, “I was the only one there, so what should I do? Of course, I will go to them and serve them, because they need me, so I will give them all my love.”

Mih’dar indicated that she received all aspects of support and motivation from her family, especially from her father.

She said that she is overwhelmed with happiness when she starts providing water and meals to the pilgrims, so they start thanking and praying for her.

“The volunteering work that I do, is a great blessing that a lot of people wish and dream that they do the same,” Mih’dar noted.

The ambitious young volunteer girl aspires to develop her performance in her work.

She said that she has started learning the English language so that she could speak, communicate and understand the pilgrims who do not speak Arabic.

“I will receive the pilgrims and say to them in English (Welcome to Makkah)”, Mih’dar said.