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26 Mar 2018

Authorities urged to probe Makkah escalator scam

Electric stairs established by the municipality near pedestrian bridges in Makkah four years ago remain unutilized drawing the anger of the public, who wanted the authorities to launch an investigation into the scandal and take quick action to commission them.

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25 Mar 2018

Barriers around mataf removed

Barriers put up around the mataf (the area for circumambulation around the Kaaba) have been removed in preparation to open it for all visitors on Tuesday.

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24 Mar 2018

35 minutes from Jeddah to Makkah on new road

Travel time between Jeddah and Makkah will be reduced to only 35 minutes with the opening of a new 72-kilometer-long highway which is currently under construction, Ministry of Transport spokesman Turki Al-Toaimi told Makkah Arabic newspaper on Saturday.

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