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16 Apr 2018

People await grand opening of new Jeddah airport

The airport will be temporarily operated by GACA from May before it is handed over to a specialized company for operation and maintenance. GACA abruptly canceled an agreement with a consortium of Changi Airports International and Saudi Marine Support Company and decided to call new tenders to award the contract to a better airport management company.

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13 Apr 2018

Company scams Umrah pilgrims with hopes of going to Saudi Arabia, takes them to southern Turkey instead

A Turkish company scammed dozens of Umrah pilgrims on the promise of going to Makkah and instead sent them to the southeastern provinces of Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras, Hurriyet Daily News reported on Friday. At least 68 people claimed to have paid $690 on the hopes of going to Saudi Arabia to perform holy Islamic ritual of Umrah. Instead, customers where given a tour of

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4 Apr 2018

No worries, Jeddah international airport will find your bags

JEDDAH: Have you ever been at an airport waiting for your luggage on the baggage carousel, and it doesn’t turn up? Well, it could be very similar to someone else’s luggage and they have picked it up by mistake, leaving you empty handed. Perhaps the luggage has been shipped to visit another country. Who is to blame: You, the airline or the airport? Here are the stories of a few

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