Saudi Hajj and Umrah Committee oversees Red Crescent preparations for pilgrimage season

Sunday, May 27, 2018

RIYADH: The Supervisory Committee for Hajj and Umrah has met with the Saudi Red Crescent in Makkah to oversee the preparations for this season. 

The committee discussed several topics related to the hajj season in the attendance of its head, Mohamad bin al-Qasem, who also toured sites at the holy mosque in Makkah. 

During his tour he oversaw emergency plans as well as services to be offered for pilgrims. 

The committee was also briefed on the operation mechanism of medical teams, and met with a number of volunteers who have provided their time and effort to serve the pilgrims. 

As well as translator teams among the members of operation rooms to receive complaints from non-Arabic speaking pilgrims. It also oversaw the ambulance fleet that will operate using AVL systems, which allows to track the location of all vehicles. 

It also checked airstrips and air bases at the Jamarat towers and Arafat. 

The committee also visited ambulance centers at Makkah and stressed on the efforts by doctors and medical staff during the season.