TNRIF felicitates Haj volunteers for 5 years

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — As a token of appreciation, Telangana NRI Forum (TNRIF) held a felicitation ceremony for its Haj volunteers for this year’s Haj 1439 at a local restaurant here recently.

TNRIF Vice President Mahmood Bin Jaffer Misri welcomed all the guests and also presided over the function. Osman Bin Yeslam Bin Mahfooz was the chief guest of the evening. Arif Qureshi, Shameem Kausar, Mirza Mohammed Baig and Mohammed Aziz Kidwai were the guests of honor.

The program was anchored by Mohammed Liakat Ali Khan and commenced with the recitation of some verses from Holy Qur’an by Hafiz Wa Qari Mohammed Zeeshan Ali and Qari Noor Mohammed, followed by Naat from Syed Mohammed Khaled Hussain Madani, Mohammed Hasanuddin Ansari, Hafiz Noor Mohammed, Mirza Mohammed Baig and Mohammed Ameenuddin Ansari.

In his address, Misri said, “This is the 5th year Telangana NRI forum has been fielding volunteers during Haj to serve the guests of Allah. I would like to first thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to serve his guests during Haj. I would also like to thank the Indian Consulate officials specially Consul General Md Noor Rahman Sheikh, Consul Haj Mohd Shahid Alam and Mohammed Aziz Kidwai, for giving us the opportunity to serve his guests during Haj and having trust in Telangana NRI Forum.

“It was the first I have personally been to Mina to serve the Hajis. I have seen that many Hajis face a lot of difficulties during Haj, and it’s the volunteers who come forward to help the pilgrims with some carrying them on their backs if wheelchairs are not available. If the Hajis lose their way volunteers help them to find their location. I would like to request more people to come forward and volunteer during Haj in the coming years. Also for the first time we had few ladies volunteers.”

Syed Khaleelullah Basheer Owais said , “It’s human nature to give the best hospitality to his guests. Hence if someone serves Allah’s guests then It’s a great act in the eyes of Allah. We should always feel happy and lucky to serve the guests of Allah. In the old days when the people of Hijaz used to give the best hospitality to the Hajis when they come to perform Haj or Umrah. During the old days Haj and Umrah was a bit difficult as compared to today’s Haj and Umrah. We should always thank Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman for providing the best services in Makkah and Madinah for the pilgrims. Haj Volunteers are the ambassadors of Allah as this it’s a great act in the eyes of Allah to welcome and serve all the Hajis.”

Team leaders of Haj volunteers Haneef, shared his experience and requested all to participate and arrange more facilities to serve the Hajis.

As a token of appreciation, certificates was awarded to the volunteers and mementos of appreciation was awarded to Mohammed Ameenuddin Ansari, Munawwar Ali Khan, Mohammed Nizamuddin, Imran Kausar, Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed, Mrs Waseem Akhtar, Hanif Shaikh, Md Sirajuddin, Sohail Ansari and Abdul Malik Mudassir for their valuable contribution towards Telangana NRI Forum.

A memento of appreciation was also awarded to Mahmood Misri by the guests of honor. After the award distribution ceremony, a vote of thanks was proposed by Osman Bin Yeslam Bin Mahfooz. Treasurer Mohammed Layeeq TNRIF organized the event.