Integrated cooling solutions installed at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Saudi Arabia has installed a modern moscooling system for the Prophet’s in Madina, much to the relief of worshippers thronging the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia.

The cooling mechanism of the mosque has been carefully designed and adapted to the climatic nature of the region. This has contributed to increasing the operational efficiency of the chillers and what provides, at all times, a suitable environment for those seeking to get closer to Allah.

The services provided are in line with Vision 2030 with the objective to provide an adequate environment for the Guests of Allah throughout the year.

Cooling capacity of the mosque is equivalent to cooling 2,000 medium-sized apartments

The cooling plant is 8 km away from the mosque

The reason for building the cooling plant away from the mosque is to reduce noise and disturbance to the visitors of the mosque

The central cooling plant was established in Madinah in 1979

Emergency chillers are used to cool Zamzam water and cooling the central cooling plant complex during winter

There is a tunnel connecting the central cooling plant and the mosque

Height of the tunnel is 4 meters

Width of the tunnel is 6 meters

The tunnel fits a golf cart so the maintenance team can perform maintenance

Refrigerated water is then transported through pipes inside the tunnels to the basement and roof of the mosque to the air handling units

Air handling units, located in the basement, cool the air by passing it on the chilled water and pushing the cold air to the vents located at the bottom of the pillars of the mosque.

Air handling units on the roof of the mosque cool the air using chilled water and release the cooled air throughout the mosque.

When the chilled water makes contact with hot air through the air handling units the temperature of the water rises, therefore, the water returns through the pipes in the tunnel to the central plant to be chilled and then pumped back into the pipes to return to the mosque in a continuous cycle.