Five Years Hajj Policy Announcement Urged

Monday, November 25, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The new Hajj policy should be announced for five years for providing better facilities, ensuring better arrangements for pilgrims in Makkah and Madina and reducing expenses, President Rafiq-e-Hujjaj Committee, Babu Imran Qureshi said on Monday.

Sharing the suggestions of Rafiq-e-Hujjaj Committee with media, he said a National Hajj Conference on Hajj preparations should be organized after culmination of the ongoing Hajj consultative Workshops before finalizing the hajj policy and Prime Minister should himself announce the next Hajj Policy in the conference.

He said existing balloting system for selecting successful pilgrims should be continued and hajj quota distribution among the government and private hajj group organizers should be continued at the ratio of 60:40.

All types of quota system in hajj should be eliminated.

Subsidy on hajj should be restored. The Saudi Currency Riyals should be bought immediately after the announcement of Hajj Policy.

He said the medicine bought for the hajj should be returned to the respective companies after hajj.

Hajj form should be simplified further. Master trainers should be sent to Saudi Arabia on their own expenses and booklets for female hujjaj should be published separately. Haji Camp should be constructed in Lahore for saving rent amount.

The quality of meal should be improved.

Hajj Mohafiz scheme and training charges should be waived. Each haji should be allowed to bring 40 kg luggage instead of 30 kg. The applicants failing for the last three years should be selected automatically.