Makkah brand Duraibah

Friday, January 31, 2020

Duraibah is a brand born out of Makkah and got its name from one of the ancient doors of the Grand Mosque, which at the time led to the main city market.

As a contemporary Islamic design house, Duraibah opens the door for lifestyle products that enrich the bond between Muslims and Islamic culture.

Its products are designed in a unique, modern arty way and aim to promote holy city icons such as the Kaaba and the word Makkah, written in Arabic calligraphy, around the world.

The brand’s Muslim designers have produced a range of items which include copies of the Qur’an with embroidered covers, prayer mats, and home decorations and accessories such as bracelets, mugs, notebooks, and wall watches.

Established in 2013, Duraibah has three stores located in Makkah, Jabal Omar mall and Abraj Al-Bait mall. It also has an online store (on Instagram @duraibah) which offers a delivery service to all Middle East countries in addition to the US and Japan.