New safety rules for Makkah restaurants’ food delivery services

Thursday, April 2, 2020

MAKKAH: Restaurants in Makkah operating food delivery services during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak have been ordered to follow strict new health and safety requirements.

Municipality officials have ruled that all food items be securely packaged and sealed before being handed to delivery staff as part of measures aimed at preventing the spread of the killer virus.

Director general of municipal affairs, Abdullah Al-Zaidi, said that the municipality, represented by the sub-municipalities, had introduced the new delivery service requirements to help ensure the safety of citizens and residents.

He added that the rules included a ban on any direct contact with customers. “The order should be placed at the front door, while a safe distance of not less than 1 meter should be kept between the customer and the delivery personnel.

“This move aims to ensure that establishments are committed to the implementation of plans designed to combat the spread of the virus and minimize the chances of its transmission,” said Al-Zaidi.